First of all what are max actually I should hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel today I’m gonna be giving you five easy steps to counting macros the hack crews are defined as a type of food fat protein or carbohydrate required in large amounts in the human diet in the past people always just calculated their calories but.

Any of those other groups so macros are just kind of the breakdown of calories and what where you’re getting each of your calories from let’s get into the five easy steps using.

A macro calculator can be really helpful to figure out what exactly you need in your diet so.

Usually they have you put in your age your gender your height weight fitness goals activity level things like that so once you put all that in it’ll give you a number of calories that you should be reaching each day and then it’ll break it down into.

How many grams of fat carbs and protein that you need each day couple of the different Mak.

Hero calculators I use are bodybuilding calm or I I am calm or healthy eater calm um you need to.

Do that first before getting into one of these dieting ass second step is that your calories carbs fats proteins all calculated and put them into one of.

These apps so the two apps that I recommend are the life ‘some app and My Fitness Pal.

So I’ve been using the lifestyle app which I’m just going to show you that one today no lots of other people use the My Fitness Pal and it’s very similar to this one but I’m just kind of gonna show you how to use this app and how I use it so I usually get anywhere between 1700 calories up to.

2300 calories depending on how much activity I’m doing at the time or just kind of like what job I have what my specific goals are at the time if I’m trying to put on muscle or you know lose any extra weight or something so it changes kind of between those numbers for me most of the time and you have your areas where you can add in your breakfast lunch dinner snack and your exercise that you do each day and that’ll put it in there as how much fat.
Protein carbs each of those foods are.

And then it’ll calculate into your full plan for that day and then when you put in your exercise it’ll calculate how many calories you burn doing your exercise and then how much protein and things you need to compensate for that amount of exercise so it has most things in there so it’s pretty easy to use you just type in what you ate though that’s pretty easy to do they also give you an option and they.

Do this on my fitness pal – both of these have these two things.

Everything in they also have a little area where they have recipes and you can search them by the amount of calories they have or by them not a protein they have so if you’re lacking in like protein for the day which is normally the case for.

Me then you can look up recipes based on how much protein you need and then they give them to you they’re pretty easy step number three is download life some or MyFitnessPal and enter all your information about how many calories you’re supposed to have your protein your carbs your fats enter that all that into the app you can also select different plans they have there like food for strength food for weight loss so you can select those and those are pretty generic ones but I like to calculate.

My own macros ahead of time and put them into the app so I know I’m getting exactly what I need for my age job activity level all that then you can use the recipes from.

The app or enter whatever foods you’re eating as you eat it and it’s a little bit hard to keep track of but the app does remind you if you a lot.

To reminds you at each meal to enter what you eaten for the day and so that’s kind of cool so if you keep track of it at each meal it’s a lot easier to do and I know it can be really hard when you’re busy I’ve had a really hard time keeping up with it recently but it’s really really helpful when you do a pro tip for you it.

Can be really hard to hit fat protein carb calorie goals all of those in one day because you’re just it’s really hard to eat food that just matches all those levels perfectly so if you’re just starting out I would really recommend just trying to hit one.

Goal at a time so try to hit fat each day so why not to go over the amount of fat you’re supposed to have in the day and try not to stay under that level either so that you’re hitting something or protein that’s what the main one I focus on is I focus on if I’m hitting my protein goals just because I notice a huge difference in.

My energy level if I am or if I’m not so if you start with one of those.

Smaller things it’s a lot easier and then add in.

Each one because it’s really hard to keep track of all of that and hit all those goals it would take a lot of diet change and everything all at once and that’s really hard to do step number five is to weigh in and measure once a week or take progress pictures so on at least on the Lifeson.

App actually on both the apps you can enter different measurements of like on your body you can add in your own or you can use the ones they have.

And just enter your measurements into them and then you can also weigh in and it’ll remind you once a week to weigh in which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend weighing yourself once a week because you’re probably not gonna see a whole lot of change unless it’s.

Just water weight and that’s not always the most motivating thing is to weigh yourself because muscle does weigh more than fat so if you’re weighing yourself and you’re trying to lose weight.

And build up muscle then it’s not gonna change that much or you’re gonna maybe gain weight and that can be discouraging so I would definitely recommend taking progress pictures are a lot easier to see the way that things are changing and it can it’s not nearly as discouraging and it’s pretty easy to do just take a picture real quick so I really like doing that and then that’s kind of cool to look.

Back on when you get to a certain point you can look back and you may not notice a huge difference like week tweak or month to month but after a year if.

You compare your progress pictures it’s a pretty cool difference to see I don’t really focus on the scale is an indicator of anything really any more at all I just take progress pictures or just kind of focus on if.


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