Okay so we decided to stop being lazy for five minutes and practice Piggy’s training huh but I’m usually the one that does it so I think is like what piggy piggy piggy smell it piggy if he tells it nicely local boy oh oh it’s so good remember to give him a thumbs up that’s the only thing you’re missing.

Did I get picky okay he’s already sitting so try the down one again there you go Lily document it squat position I’ll do the eye contact do the.

Down a few more times but no but you can mix it up.

Really yeah then we want to get this so the eye contact ones have hold it like an.
Arm’s length away from your body good job baby.

So what we’re doing there is the food is the distraction in this instance so piggy has to he notices with.

Fooders but he’s got to make eye contact with Henry to get the actual treat and this is what we use with the dogs so he sees the dog and then he’s going to look back at us I think eye contact with babies try the Darla tip oh good boy and we tried.

To do it without going as far down myself okay because we have to slowly do that point that way yeah oh no I mean he like.

Bent a leg you can go further.

Down than that babe yeah I’d like.

Today there you go my boy didn’t you get it without me okay give him a break from that because it’s a whole lot of.

Ground okay yeah that’s what Adam said to me do the distraction one again okay not this one babe put the Treat in your hand and then put the treat behind your back and then see if.
You’ll go down oh good job piggy oh you’re.

A genius good job my boy get a high-five from him this time oh good boy yeah yeah we didn’t teach him the knife I don’t think the other thing you do is like come stand here so now bring the treat and.

Comes down here so he has to follow you I know this sounds like I’m being super bossy but I did the initial training session with the behaviorist.

Look he’s shaking his face I can come down there you go he loves it it’s a good game tell him to stay and then trying it the door come back today okay don’t go too.

Far right baby his little tongue is like quivering so because he’s not so good at.

Thing what we do give them tell him to stay then take a few sips back and then give them the thumbs up that you stay like no give him a thumbs up yeah and I’ll bring him the treat I don’t go a bit further yeah cuz then he’ll understand okay that’s what they want from me Laura what’s a good dog trainer I’ve done.

Two sessions let’s see if it works oh so close piggy I can’t go back okay there yeah don’t know if he looks at you don’t interact so.

He’s doing it so Henry’s using um the.

Duck in this training session and what Adam taught us.

Is that you know there’s different value Sirius or treat it using it solo and so in our household like the duck is the highest value you treat my Lincoln loves that.

The most if you give them a thumbs up you have to give them a treat so I am watching out the corner of my eye was filming Peggy’s reaction let me try get the whole secret.

Good good good job piggy he’s showing so much patience isn’t he he’s so excited about this his whole body is quivering okay he’s got it he understands what you want from him.

Now good no more look done piggy very clear we should get more fun.

Yeah so what we’ve been prescribed to do is like four to five minutes of this kind of training with chinky at home and then five days a week to take them to the dog park and just walk.

And get them used to seeing all the other dogs but not to purposely engage with any dogs do Pig cake and we’ll do that for the.

Next three weeks to our next session hey my boy hey good job good.

Job piggy will turn use phosphors hope you guys enjoyed watching this little training video of piggies I just pulled it as part of the blog but I think I’ll put possessor little standalone video because it got so long hey baby so have a great day everyone I will.

Speak to tomorrow bye well thanks so much.

For watching everyone we hope you enjoyed this video if you did give us a thumbs up leave us a comment below if you around here please hit subscribe thanks so much for watching have a great day.


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