Two flavors of a new drink by Monster Energy beverages released in the UK in 2017 June we’ve got glucose powered non-carbonated manic melon and the non-carbonated Mean Green glucose powered energy drink though the tops on the bottles are just screw-off tops having some pictures on the internet which showed the possibility of a canned version still non-carbonated so I.

Don’t know if that’s going to be released later or the format will still.

Continue to be these five hundred and fifty milliliter bottles or maybe that’s just for the United States and the bottles for the UK so let’s pour them out and see how it tastes see it’s watermelon color it tastes like the perfect watermelon juice sometimes you get watermelons but not that we they’re a bit.
Of season little bit off taste this taste spot on.

Is not too sweet it’s very refreshing flavored so you could go down.

Quite a while thirsty a nice mild flavor lasts a few seconds in the mouth very refreshing.

This watermelon is have a bit.

More this than a notable thing about this is that it really does taste like some of the best watermelon you’ve ever.

Tasted it a very natural flavor profile very well balanced let’s check out the more mysterious lean green because we don’t know what that’s going to taste like I see.

Very interesting still mild still not over sugared but sweet and flavors them without being overpowering and taste of lime predominantly line but a different kind of lime flavor that you probably not accustomed to in most rings I think also this few of the flavors there perhaps we’re talking Gua versions lemon some of the fruit notes there add.

A bit more interest to it a bit more complexity but still very light refreshing drink that is worth considering definitely not the strong.

Heavy powerful flavors of the monster and that that you used to as the CEO of monster said this is for a different market is to take on drinking other categories which monster hasn’t yet entered and so this.

Is a completely new venture for the brand let’s take a look at the back of the bottles at the top they both have the same brand statement when you’ve got your work cut out for you or just brushing off a big night monster hydro is a pretty.

Smart move powered by glucose it pulls no punches and combines refreshment with awesome flavor welcome to the next generation of refreshing energy drinks lightly sweetened and non-carbonated is easy drinking for when your going hard at it refresh the.

Beast and that’s a trademark statements by monster and the amount of carbs of which sugars is listed is exactly the same in both flavors both contain caffeine are not intended for children.


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