So I’m definitely not at home as you guys can tell those are not my pigs pretty cute though so as many of you guys know Kristen why we’re already on a road trip for the Canadian fruit festival and so we decided to extend it a little bit further keep driving and visit our friends out here in Wynne law.
So since so many of the what I eat in a day videos are just me.

And are at my home and in parksville I thought this would be a.

Really cool opportunity to film somewhere different show you guys some of my friends and hopefully like some different meals and some good meal ideas that you guys have never seen before so I just rode my bike down here to meet my friend Neil at his office he left the house early this morning because he had some work to do and he’s actually a really really good friend of mine and we’ve been friends for a long time but he’s also one.

Of the people behind the scenes at ‘cimmanon nutritions that you don’t see he’s someone that helps me with like my ebooks and all that sort of stuff a lot of the administrative stuff and the website and.

That sort of thing so it’s like super cool to be like sharing him with you guys but it’s just amazing to be hanging out with him because we’ve gone through so.

Much together man we’ve got so many stories but that’s for another vlog he’s gonna connect with him a bit I know we have a meeting or and talk a little bit about business and then we’re gonna move our bodies together and then we’re gonna eat and I think we’re gonna go to a place called Banach point I’ve never been there before but Neil said that there’s some awesome cliff.

Jumping there’s some really nice water to swim in so it should be a fun day all right so I just had a good.

Meeting with my buddy Neil so I haven’t introduced you guys to him ever you’ve never seen him before but this is my good friend Neil he works with me on.

A lot of my projects he’s usually.

Behind the scenes say what’s up Neil what’s up guys yeah so now we’re going to get some movement in and then we’re going to go home and have a smoothie and then head to the lake or the river whatever we want to jump off some cliffs Neil said it’s pretty fun let’s get moving so just before we get moving I’ll show you guys his office really quickly because he’s got some cool stuff in here I know you’ll appreciate.

So right away pull-up bar in the doorway gotta have this and then he’s got the bands attached to it.

Here just super nice and bright space and then little motivational sayings all over the.

Place I really like this something to show you guys risk you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first I don’t know.

Why I just like stuff like that anyways should we get moving Neil do it so I just want to show you guys something I’ve been working on somebody at the fruit festival suggested I try like crow pose to handstand.
And then back into crow pose and it actually works pretty.

Good and slowly get better nice I got it look at the first one I got cleanly like that how cute that little kitty calisthenics so cute that’s the little one of the sweet little vegan.

Baby super healthy all right good sweet feel a little morning get some food so a bit of work is done today the play is done now we eat let’s get home yes so many animals oh very cute hi butter yes we are home now look at that just like dogs they like their belly rubbed they come say hi to you when you get home so sweet Krystal say.
Hi to the vlog so needles just getting a bunch of stuff out for.

The smoothies and I will show you everything we put in there nee Leo’s leading the smoothie dance today yeah all right so what kind of smoothie we have in here basic like recovery smoothie nice morning the part of sweet we’re gonna put in some bananas that’s six bananas total thank you right don’t want to start you don’t want that boost unripe banana paste throw some seeds in there do a little sprinkly.

Binkley here what is that so what you got here I don’t have this stuff at home it’s called alfalfa power powder and my wife recommends it so I eat it really high in minerals and it’s a great source of calcium I believe so throw it somewhere out there we’re gonna throw some peaches in there Derek cut up before so that’s 1 2 3 4 5.

Peaches some 22 very less is very mixed impossible sprinkle CEO glaze and then we always have tumeric wit you guys know there’s the way.

Oh there is no label boom shot of that so that helps our body to absorb the anti inflammatory compounds that are in the turmeric and we’ll throw some coconut water as well in there just for the rehydration and that should be good we’ll just top it up with some.

Water so I like mine a little runnier than Derek Derek’s like we almost forgot the dates what’s the heck oh did you put the date pit instead of the dates in there so we pasted a couple things together.

That we we might have just thrown the date pits in instead of the dates so we’re just searching through what is this do you think it’s like a rock it’s a frozen fruit.

No what no what this is going downhill Mercury retrograde but this is a Mercury.

Retrograde table yeah we had to.

Put it in a bowl yeah I think we might have thrown a peach pit in there by accident so yeah but that’s how you fish a pit out of a smoothie with Derek and Neil there we go take two baby eats first we’re get.

Putting a little bit into this reusable container for violet you can get just the alfalfa powders that yeah he’s good at man so good so we’re just making the hike down to Vanek point now and where we.

Are is actually called lake slow can or slow can Lake I think.

I’ll show you guys when we get there are you gonna go in I don’t know depends how much fun we’re gonna have I bet yeah we’ll make it look extra yeah we’re gonna yeah we’re gonna turn the fun barometer up to 50 how many oh yeah there’s that look a lot nicer here I mean it’s beautiful as it is but there’s so many forest fires around so it’s really smoky that’s the haze that you guys can see well that felt so good hey so nice so repressed so we just had.

Such a good swim and now we’re snacking a little bit Neil’s wife made some amazing little muffins they’re also vegan so everything’s vegan it’s really easy to eat with them so I’ve also got some trail mix I always bring trail.

Mix with me when we go on like road trips it’s a good dense source of calories so you guys can see everything in there and we’ve also got some apple these are so good I’ll post down below in the description I’ll post the link where you guys can get these recipes because Wow so good so good so I’ve even I’ve made them before she posted them oh yeah crystal.

Put them on her stories blender.

Muffins just heading home from our adventure and we decided that we don’t really want to make dinner when we get home so we’re gonna pick up a few things there’s actually a.

Couple restaurants that have vegan options here in win/loss so Neil’s gonna grab a burger Chris and I are gonna get some bootable x’ alright just rolling up yeah mom and daddy this one yeah yeah this is me so we just got back to their place and we’ve got our takeaway and it looks so good so crystal and I got a couple bootable x’ the first one is like a coconut curry bowl looks amazing smells so good with a bit of tofu on there.

One is like a vegan Pad Thai also with tofu is really the only like vegan vegetarian option that they had and Neal he’s a bit more of a burger guy I’ll.

Show you his there’s a burger in there somewhere looks good though and Neal said they also have some amazing like air fries there as well so I don’t know how that works but apparently they’re made without oil and they taste so good so we got some regular fries there and then we also got some yam fries so we’re gonna dig.

Into this I’m gonna hang out with my friends and just like enjoy the night this is our last night together and then Chris and I are driving back to parksville so the programming will be back to normal after this so just thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today I hope you guys enjoyed the vlog.

Hope that some of our fun and some of our energy came through the computer screen or the phone screen.

Whatever you’re watching on and made you have a slightly better day definitely subscribe if you guys want to see more thank you so much for watching see you soon stay positive eat plants and I’m.

Gonna eat this but I think we just got it though no there’s more other something else in.

There I’m sure well we’ll know.

We can run it and see man this is going downhill guys know about Mercury retrograde but this is a Mercury retrograde.


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