What’s up guys and welcome to my channel gym net I am on a walk in today guys we’re here on a very very funny subject you all may wonder this as you don’t want to ask it because during this search is don’t exact relation a picture to start their own production know a lot of people ejaculation affects your.

Testosterone prediction and there’s a lot of choice to say that’s bullshit if you don’t know what to start on this produce for men.

To make me like getting beaten muscle because made usually have more muscles in life getting big you have a lot of time then men have 15 times more testosterone than women and that’s why when women takes.

Steroids they get beard the really deep voice because they have less and testosterone it guides me not peel so don’t West basin me deeply and doesn’t lower your kids so the simple answer to this is no but of course and it’s not completely and no hey guys so in the.

First seven days that you stop sexual activities and masturbation your testosterone levels will increase a lot but in after seven days.

To decrease and sometimes for some time if.

We decrease more than he was before so you end up finding but if you stop any sexual and masturbation it’s a sexual activity if you stop it for three weeks you will.

Have an increase of testosterone but Jeff’s the increase won’t be a lot it will be an increase but not a major increase so what happens after.

Masturbating first up you get to 20 minutes first of a hormone called prolactin and what does this Foreman do to your body when prolactin is increased then dopamine decrease and dopamine is the hormone that won’t gets you to get that sexual desire so every way prolactin is increased you want you lower your gaze and you won’t have that sexual desire your heart rate will also.

Increase in a few hours after your orgasm if you work out after an orgasm your heart rate.

Will increase even more than it would without having an orgasm after before so with you will your.

Heart rate will increase a lot guys masturbation.

And ejaculation test has no zero effect when you maximum performance special exercise for example the dumbbell curls if you can do eight with 20 kilos after masturbating it won’t.

Affect it you want to serve it and all you want to like you have to say and they are picked on testosterone or non-existence that’s complete bullshit guys it doesn’t affect the softer levels maybe I said it wrong it does abstinence does affect testosterone levels but not enough gas so the effect that abstinence has only to stop their.

Own levels are not enough for example you should consider other tactics because it’s not worth stopping your sexual.

For that of all the factors for increasing testosterone is for example resistance training like powerlifting and so on a huge impact.

On increasing new increases the resistance training and increasing kissing an ejaculation or masturbating it’s okay freaking thousand fuck just make sure to wash your hands really good.

Before going to the gym and eating those because otherwise really disgusting thanks for watching guys please like this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up and.


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