Yo your lungs are kind of soda stuff oh no girl marisa shaikh i Iost my pack a day why would I want to go to a party it’ll just be a bunch old geezers I don’t know giving speeches sounds like a pretty lame night to me well it’s not like I brought any fancy clothes with me anyway I.

So I brought some stuff for you you gotta be kidding spiky haired idiot – okay let’s see the hotel should be nearby really no see we’re gonna be late for the.

Lecture hurry up and finish this hey one or shorter mother mother Mizuki it’s almost like I didn’t do anything door closes you’re not it what a little true genius idea my.

Fellow superhero fans there’s a new generation of heroes that’s sweeping the world the kids that you a high-speed are going beyond everything we’ve ever seen hero the culmination of greatness the addition of all things heroes it’s not just ultra it’s plus ultra you’ve seen.
Plenty of heroes with mine but.

Deku is on a whole nother level diving into danger despite the odds he’ll stop at nothing to live up to all nights legacy let’s do this but becoming the greatest hero takes more than just a good heart it’s also about strength no Baku go maybe a punch he works hard to be the batter beyond his explosive powers however fight and strength alone aren’t enough to go plot soldier such power demands discipline.
It can be a challenge when others disagree ena sticks to the right path and.

Encourages his friends to do the same certainly going beyond still there’s one other thing all viewers need support you should think about upgrading your gear if it melissa may not have powers but it doesn’t stop her from using ingenious tech to give her pal a combat boost see what it means to go beyond it takes more than exceeding in one virtue to become a symbol to feast like all mighty it takes harder strength discipline plus support to become.

Plus ultra you’re go beyond with a new generation of superheroes in their very first movie see my hero academia two heroes.

And select theaters for a limited time only.



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