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With every cycle there are three key components to the cycle that are absolute 100% of the foundation of any cycle these key components are the most important.

Things you need to understand before you even jump on gear so the first one is testosterone testosterone is always the base of every cycle you will never take anything without testosterone the second key.

Is post cycle therapy why would you get on a cycle without knowing how to get.

Off once you get off your cycle and you don’t have a proper post cycle therapy you’re not gonna have to estas run in your system you’re gonna lose all your gains you’re gonna get fat you’re gonna lose your leanness everything so you need to understand how to get off a cycle before you even get on a cycle the third component is estrogen control you need to understand.

Estrogen it’s terrible hard to deal with but if you.

Understand how to control it the substances use to control it and the signs to look for you will.

Never have a problem ever ever ever again just understand those three components testosterone post psychotherapy and estrogen so let’s go ahead and talk about testosterone what is testosterone it’s the male sex hormone it is basically.

The hormone that makes you a man the higher levels of testosterone help develop the testicles help develop the prostate bone density tissue.

Growth as well so those are the benefits of testosterone so testosterone is a very in about hormone anabolic basically means tissue growth it promotes protein synthesis muscle growth and even helps with insulin so now that we’ve talked about testosterone have defined exactly what it is and what it does in our bodies how is it produced this dosterone is produced in our testicles.

How do our testicles know when to produce testosterone how does it know when we have low levels it all starts with the hypo stylist and it detects low levels of testosterone within the system sends a signal to the pituitary gland which then produces two specific hormones LH and FSH LH is luteinizing hormone FSH is follicle stimulating hormone those two hormones are produced and sent to the testicles the testicles then realize that they need to produce more.
Testosterone seeing this two specific hormones LH and.

FSH and they produce more testosterone that cycle is repeated constantly when your testosterone goes down alleged FSH come down more testosterone is produced so how much testosterone is.

Actually produced in men doctors measure by the nanogram per dekaliter so it’s basically four hundred to a thousand nanograms per dekaliter than.

A male produces in our body so we look at those numbers in steroid dosages we don’t deal with nanograms and Dec leaders we deal with milligrams per milliliter so you have to make the conversion there with all the research I’ve done guys all the articles I’ve read everything I can find all I could find is that the.

Average male actually produces from four to about ten milligrams per day of testosterone how long does that testosterone last well testosterone only lasts.

Two to four hours within the system so that’s how we know the cycle continually.

Happens all day long because we always need to stas your own and we’re always producing it and it only lasts trait test only lasts two to four hours within the system it’s.

It’s gone just like that so we’re constantly producing it constantly putting it into the system so how.

Does testosterone actually produce muscle growth how does it promote protein synthesis how does it promote tissue growth all of that so basically what happens is the testosterone enters into the bloodstream and it flows around and enters the tissue cells now testosterone is one of the few hormones that.

Into the cell most of the hormones bind outside the cell and send the the messages in testosterone actually goes into the tissue cell binds with the androgen receptor goes into the nucleus and starts a new DNA sequence four cell production that’s how testosterone actually works it enters the cell.

Starts a new DNA sequence produces the new cell so obviously the more testosterone we have in a system the more tissue cells we can grow so that’s why having a higher level of testosterone is just important when we’re trying to build muscle so some of the advantages of having more testosterone in a system is higher protein synthesis meaning.

The muscles can rebuild faster a higher red blood count.

Which means more oxygen can travel throughout the body and help the muscles repair testosterone also.

Provides very high anti catabolic protection meaning that it protects you from fat body hormone it stores the fat in the right places birds the fat just utilizes it better when you.

Have lower testosterone you don’t have that protection and you’re you’re going to gain fat a lot easier and a lot faster now that we know what testosterone is and how its produced and what it actually does for us we can say that if we have more testosterone in the system that will promote more muscle growth but how do we get that overall more amount well there’s two ways one we either get our body to.

Produce more testosterone which there’s different couple different ways to do that but we’re not gonna go into that because we’re talking about steroids so the only other way for us to do that would be to inject testosterone testosterone supplementation how does it do that well first you have to understand Tessa’s test yes it may be synthetic but the body actually sees it the.

Same from all the research I’ve done the body sees synthetic testosterone as normal testosterone but the one thing is is that testosterone only.
Lasts two to four hours within the system.

So how do we get it to last longer because we need large amounts the way they’ve.

Been able to do that is by a way of what’s called an ester an ester is basically the time release it’s kind of like a time bomb before the testosterone can be used there’s an ester molecule that they attach to the testosterone molecule and together the testosterone molecule.

Enzymes in the blood break down the ester and then it’s just a normal testosterone molecule and then the body utilizes it but there’s different types of esters so there’s short-term esters and there’s long-term esters the short-term esters as in tests propionate and test suspension there’s a few other ones but we won’t talk about those yet but those two are short-term esters propionate has about a 48 to 72-hour half-life before the test is utilized suspension is actually almost straight test suspension stays in your system.

Between for four to eight hours so suspension is definitely not something you will use unless it’s for something specific propionate is not something that a beginner would use either because it’s in the system and out of the system very quickly and your levels are gonna be constantly see-sawing with propionate.

Now the long-term esters would be decanate which actually stays in your system for like 30 days so decanate is definitely a very long one there’s.

Infinite and sipping 8m phonate and sipping eight are the two most common used testosterones there’s a few other ones we’ll talk about those other times they’re extremely similar so Anthony.

Has a half-life about 10 to 12 days.

And supinate has a half-life about 12 to 14 days so they’re very similar when you’re doing testosterone supplementation it actually causes shutdown of the testicles testicles don’t produce testosterone anymore because the hypothalamus is detecting higher levels of testosterone so the pituitary gland stops producing LH and FSH remember those are the two hormones that tell the testicles to produce.

More testosterone those hormones are not produced anymore because there’s a high level testosterone in the system so the testosterone actually shut down and don’t produce testosterone anymore the.

Of that is actually getting them back up and running it could be very hard and it’s always a 50/50.

Chance some people it doesn’t come.

Back at all some people comes back partially some people will come back totally fine but it’s it’s a 50/50 thing you’re just gonna have to run that risk and if it doesn’t come back.

You’re facing the risk of actually having lower testosterone levels also another side effect to having low testosterone levels the LH and FSH is not being produced anymore is there is a slight possibility it will not slight but there is a possibility of sperm production being shut down as well so it’s highly likely that you won’t be able to produce sperm and then.

You can’t have kids and that causes problems replacing hormones can be very you know dangerous or frustrating because of that specific issue you know there’s no guarantee at the end.

That it’s actually you get back up and running so it’s a chance that you’re just gonna have to take you decide for yourself whether it’s a yes or a no not to do it the other downside effects of having higher testosterone levels is DHT levels also go up as well and if you’re prone to acne or hair loss then it’s gonna.

Happen faster another thing negative side of higher testosterone levels is also higher estrogen levels with higher estrogen levels poses more problems one of them.

Water retention another one is gyno gyno is basically growing boobs as a man there’s two things to help prevent that AI aromatized inhibitors those are specific things like a remedy X aromasin letrozole they actually reduce the overall amount of estrogens in.

The system there’s also CERN’s which are selective estrogen receptor modulators and what those do is they actually go in and they latch on to the areas where the estrogen would latch onto and they prevent the estrogen from latching onto the receptors as a beginner you should always take an AI I don’t care who you.

Are this is my personal opinion always run an AI I ran three cycles without and ran into problems on the third.

Cycle but that’s just something that you have to be aware of is that if you’re not controlling your estrogen and you will grow boobs testosterone can also cause acne if you remember when we talked about testosterone it enters into the cell binds to.

The antigen receptor goes into the nucleus well now that we have a lot more testosterone we have to produce more androgen receptors when we produce more antigen receptors our body secretes more oil so a production of more oil can cause acne cholesterol so testosterone also raises.

Your overall cholesterol levels as well so that can also cause a.

Problem higher testosterone levels guys there’s always a.

Trade-off just because it’s amazing and does great things for you there’s also negative effects the chances of those happening are higher so we have to remember that you need to do your research you need.

To understand the good things about it but you also need to know the downsides to higher testosterone levels okay guys now that we’ve talked a lot about testosterone we understand how it works what it does we know the good sides we know the bad sides let’s talk about a beginner cycle okay so if you’re just starting out what would you take you want to take a long term ester there’s no reason for you to.

Take a short term ester it just does apply guys don’t don’t do a short term ester there’s no reason to we’re not running any other substances that hit really fast need a short term ester for.

Other things let’s take a long term ester so.

It’s gonna be either sipping eight or intonating so let’s go ahead.

And take test anthan 8 for 500 milligrams a week as a beginner you can do anywhere from 300 to 500 if you’re really.

Skeptical you just want to try out on the low end go to 300 milligrams a week if you’re confident ready to blast it just go let’s do 500 milligrams a week so say I’m a beginner this is how I would set up my cycle so I’m gonna go test Anthony 500 milligrams a week and as a beginner you should only go from.

8 to 12 weeks you don’t really you can go past 12 weeks but we’re entering into a different realm let’s not talk about that yet that’ll be in the in the next episode when we talk about post psychotherapy so.


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