Hello I’m Nelson virtual and I’m here to talk to you about a therapy that has probably more than 15 to 20 benefits more than any other therapy in the world unfortunately we cannot get it in a pill and it is available to everybody but not very many people actually take it so but basically a therapy that can decrease.

Your body fat your increase your muscle mass increase your energy levels increase your bone density decrease your cholesterol improve your blood sugar improve your mood and many other factors and that therapies exercise unfortunately most people in the.

United States are not exercising exercise not only makes you look good feel good make you healthy but also provides a kind of a cushion as we age and get and get a lot more frail it prevents a lot of those problems in aging so let’s talk about.

The different types of exercise the first one is cardiovascular or aerobic exercise aerobic meaning air oxygen is something brings more of sting into.

Your bloodstream by increasing your heart rate anything that requires strenuous activity like dancing walking briskly running jogging and many other things that can increase your your heart rate start with you know.

If you haven’t really gone into an exercise program you want to lose some weight and some fat started by just walking around the neighborhood no once a day for 20-30 minutes walk your dog more than you usually do start that way and if you’re more and more if you have more experience in exercise just make sure that you when you go into the gym you use low-impact machines like an elliptical trainer place where you’re moving your arms I’m sorry you’re on your feet in a lift in elliptical.

Manner and make sure your sweat you’re actually doing 30 to 40 minutes of exercise if you’re sweating you’re burning some calories you’re increasing your body temperature.

Your metabolism twenty to thirty minutes as I said a day three to four times a week you know it’s a good enough program to get you to loose on fat and improve metabolic rate and burn more calories the next exercise is progressive resistance exercise or weight training resistance exercise in general that’s how some people refer to in.
Which you better be resisting and weight could.

Be your body weight like if you’re doing.

A push-up or it could be using.

Machines or free weights or even elastic bands and you can do a lot of that at home I’m gonna have a few videos you can watch or a home based program or you can actually go to the gym and most people like myself I enjoy going to a structure environment like.

The gym it could be a little intimidating for some people when you get into the gym before you go.

To the gym prepare yourself if you have to rest a little bit to feel better after work have a.

Pre-workout snack in something that has a little bit of carbohydrates complex carbohydrates and a little bit of protein in fact like peanut butter and an apple have a banana.

And peanut butter a bunch of nuts and an apple for instance and that will give you enough you know.

Energy to to basically burn at the gym – some people like energy boosters you just be careful because it can increase your blood pressure and that’s not a good thing if you have a.


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