Hello everybody Nelson Bertrille here with Excel mail.
com today I’ll be speaking about how to monitor testosterone replacement therapy what blood tests to run what about is to look at to prevent any potential side effects and also to maximize benefits of this sauce from replacement therapy the first thing doctors actually have a measure before you get on the sauce.

For me replace makes your total and preakness our own blood levels they will also ask.

You a few questions to see if you have no testosterone.

Or hypo on hero symptoms there include low sex drive erektile dysfunction fatigue low mood and issues on.

Cognitive capacity function so the Staton replacement therapy includes anything to increase testosterone a blood level see there injections or creams.

Gels pellets and there are several other options I’ll be speaking environment or video so let’s say you get you go to a doc no get your blood levels measured and also do the diagnostic questionnaire when you are.

Diagnosed with hypogonadism or having low testosterone the doctor will prescribe their testosterone ejection of cyclonite or nf8 or even protein a tornado or be.

In different countries or put you on a cream either a gel 1% one point six two percent under gel or testing or XR on there several of them or.

A compound at cream could be anywhere from 2% up to 20% testosterone cream they’re also pellets like Tesla pill and they’re compounded pellets that can go up to even 200 milligrams per pellet there Boco like these all related gels like it’s a drug approved in recently United States there is a gel that you apply in the.

Nostrils twice a day so there’s several options to increase their social replacement and your doctor will help help you determine.

Which one is best for you so once you can have this cultural replacement your doctor will have you come back either at week six or eight to Russell Rhonda another blood test to see.

That your dosage needs to be adjusted and or you may require other medications to monitor or to modulate or change.

Etc the first one obviously is distortion total of three you come back at week six or eight and your total testosterone it’s not over five hundred nano grams or Desolator your doctor will probably.

Choose to increase your dosage or your frequency of injections in the case of the ejections the free testosterone is usually around two percent of.

Total or higher if you have lower than two percent your doctor will probably focus on any issues.

Really hate to high sex hormone-binding globulin which is a protein that binds to testosterone and there’s not free heat up for for action or activity hematocrit is the proportion of red blood cells in the blood testosterone tends to increase that.

Blood cells not in all patients some men don’t have that issue but most men at least have one to three point increase in.

America with excessive hematocrit can increase the viscosity of the blood and me cause cardiovascular issues so the number the magic number to go for is that American or fifty three or below when you get in close to fifty.

Three you have to basically donate blood or go for what we call therapeutic phlebotomy to bring.


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