All right so welcome back everyone to another episode of ask me Monday so as many of you guys know ask me Monday’s is a series of videos I do every Monday ish where I answer some commonly asked questions and some not so commonly asked questions that I get from the comments section down below funky here’s not so bad.

Today I think I’ll go without the Hat and I’ve noticed the camera has trouble staying focused on my face when I wear a hat so we’ll put it away.

For now so yeah there’s some sort of airshow going on around here right now so if you guys hear planes going overhead I’m sorry I can’t control it so for you.

Have been with me words rubber baby buggy bumper rubber baby buggy and chlorophyll on the tree leaves so as many of you guys know that have been.

With me for a while and my content always drags on I’m always like this is gonna be just a quick video and it ends up being like.

15 minutes so today I’m gonna do my best and keep this one around 10 to 12 minutes we’ll see how it goes but I actually forgot extra batteries for my camera here so I am.

Life and I don’t even think this battery was fully charged so all right better get answering them and I’m sorry if I do have problems with the focus here this canon g7x mark ii has been through.

A lot with me and i think it might be time to get a.

New camera if you guys know of an.

Awesome vlogging camera that’s any better than the.

G7 x mark – that simple doesn’t have any.

Huge lenses and isn’t heavy and that sort of stuff definitely let me know in the comments section down below because I will be looking for a new one soon so today I’m answering the questions in the forest underneath little mountain you guys know that’s one of my favorite spots in town it’s just kind of like Mountain that sticks up in the middle of town and.

I’m always up there filming however today we’re kind of below it and it’s just up there I’m sure you guys will.

See it in that was a bug right in my mouth I’m sure you guys will see it in the drone footage oh my gosh this one’s going little bit rough today okay let’s get into the questions there’s some really good questions today I.

Like these ones so from Leigh Bloomfield do you find your recovery time after working out in the gym a lot faster now that you are vegan so before I.

Didn’t really wait trained at all I’ve been vegan for seven years now and I started transitioning to a vegan diet like almost ten years ago and I wasn’t really working out at that point and I didn’t really work out before that so I can’t really say like how my recovery has changed in that aspect but I did used to be.

A runner and I knew that I had a lot of joint pain especially in my ankles and I definitely don’t have like any.

Joint pain anymore and I know that I used to get terrible pains in my hands and in my knuckles I just thought that I had like arthritis I was like Shay you know 20 year old kid.

And I figured that that was normal but then when I did switch to a plant-based diet a lot of that sort of pain went away I don’t have any pain in my ankles anymore which is crazy because I have wrecked them and rolled them and torn ligaments in them so many times and now my hands.


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