Hey it’s Aaron when you think about leaning down what workouts come to mind for many of us we think about logging in hours on the treadmill we’re doing circuits and supersets with lighter weight and tons of reps well I have a better option for you it’s a barbell complex and if you’re not familiar with it it takes way.

Less time than traditional cardio it’s interesting it’s challenging and it helps you break through plateaus and I’ll.

Also include a link below for actual workouts so if.

You want more workouts that you can do.

At home or at the gym just click the link below but basically for the barbell workout all you need is a bar and maybe some weights to go along.
With it the idea here is that your hands never.

Leave the bar so each exercise that you choose is going to be something that involves gripping the bar and you’ll do 4.

To 6 exercises and do 3 to 6 reps per exercise and they’re awesome is a warm-up they’re great is a finisher and they can be used as a metabolic circuit but enough talking let’s get to training let’s get into these barbell complexes the first ones for upper body for exercises 5 reps per exercise the first one is military press wrists.

Nice and straight shoulder blades rotated back and down.

To an upright row pulling through the elbow keeping the traps nice and quiet no momentum to a bent over barbell row back flat pulling through the elbows elbows close to the ribs and I’m gonna clean the bar up behind the neck shoulder press using the range of motion I’m comfortable with so I’m not letting.
That bar touch my neck just bringing the.

Upper arm to about parallel now I’m going to rest for one it’s minutes get the heart rate down a little bit and then I’m back at it again so you’ll notice my hands never leave the bar this is.

A key characteristic of the barbell complex this is something really important you can slide your hands to a wider grip or a narrow grip but throughout the exercise you’re going in quick succession from one exercise to another and notice too.

That I’m using a quick motion but I’m definitely not rushing through so the.

Reason that we only do three to five reps of each exercise is because we’re usually either right hand or left hand dominant and if you’re doing a ton of reps with the bar you’re gonna start pulling harder with your dominant side and we want to prevent that we want to try to make sure that you’re.

Present and mindful throughout the entire complex and pulling and pushing evenly with both sides and this is gonna help prevent any asymmetry.

This is going to help prevent injury and make sure you’re also recovered pretty well before you go into the next barbell complex and start lighter than you would normally you know think that you could start it’s more important just to get.

The feel for it get that proper range of motion proper form throughout the entire complex barbell complexes are very versatile if you.

Feel like this is too easy go ahead and add.

Weights or you can add one to two exercises to this next we’re on to complex for the lower body I’m gonna start with front squats got.

A little bit more weight on the bar here try to challenge myself you know usually your lower.


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