Hello everyone my name is derek from simnet nutrition thank you so much for joining me for another video back in my kitchen here today because I’m going to share with you my top 10 tips on how to make the best stir-fried ever so if you guys follow me at all you will know that smoothie bowls and stir fries.

Are like the twin pillars of my culinary world and I realize I talked a lot about making smoothie bowls and how I make them on my Instagram stories and here in my youtube videos but I don’t talk a lot about the process of making a stir.

Fry so number one you definitely want to start with a clean workspace so just take a few minutes before you start cooking to tidy up it’ll make your experience so much better you won’t be working in a cluttered workspace and you won’t have to clean stuff as you go number two prepare everything before you start cooking so open up your fridge get into your cupboards and pull out everything that you’re gonna use for dinner and prepare.

It this way you will have everything chopped.

Up and you won’t be rushing to chop things up and throw them in the frying pan while other things are.

Burning so wash all your vegetables get them all prepared so that you can just focus on the cooking.

Number three chop veggies nice and thin so this one applies for salads as well it’s so much nicer to chew on the smaller pieces of veggies than huge chunks and beyond that it’s gonna cook faster there’s gonna.

Be more surface area for it to.

Hold on to flavors and spices so this is especially important for hard vegetables and things that take longer to cook like carrots and the more time that you spend with the knife in your hand getting used to it the faster.

You’re gonna get it chopping and the faster you’re gonna be at preparing these meals look how beautiful all that looks all ready to be cooked.

Number four is optional but I always like to choose a protein source so the reason why I say this one is optional is because we know that all vegetables have protein in them but you can get a higher protein source if you want choose something like tofu maybe even a mock meat but today I’m gonna be choosing this organic tempeh you.

Could also add some beans or some lentils here instead if you don’t like tofu or tempeh number five you want to cook the more aromatic spices and vegetables using a low and slow cooking method so take your time cooking these.

Flavors because it will be worth it in the end if you cook them on too high.

Of a heat they can burn a little bit and they will get bitter and that’s not a flavor that we want in our stir-fry spices also respond really well to.

This type of heat number six add a little bit of water to help the food from sticking to the bottom of the pan and also to help cook it so a lot of people just automatically add a bunch of oil to their stir fries but we don’t need to do that we can just add water and it basically does the same thing so just a little splash of water and you will see that.

It helps to cook the vegetables it helps it from sticking to the bottom of the pan and makes all the flavors blend together number seven number seven cook the rest of the veggies on a medium high heat adding them in the order of time needed to cook.


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