Hi I’m a well I’m tonight huh I’m Jessica we’re here at Kroger today to talk about why nutrition nutrition is important and to educate some college students about how they think on a budget so why is nutrition important nutrition plays a key role in your overall health choosing the right diet for your body is vital for your well-being.

And health nutritious foods provides a body with energy macro nutrients like proteins carbs and vitamins or hypertension to help reach fitness goals take advantage of.

Grocery apps and coupons evaluate your cart before checkout or go shopping don’t go shopping hungry stop don’t stop up on saturated fats and sugars cholesterol don’t impulse buy and.

Don’t buy items with long shelf life you know my me I know he’s okay and that’s okay so on our handle here patrician label and the important things to look for sodium I was absolutely heartbreaking so there’s no late launch nutrition label right here it’s showing this has zero grams of saturated fat.

Doing great there and it only has 35 milligrams of sodium and 5 carbohydrates now those sugars are 2 grams but it’s not that added sugar hi I’m sorry do you have a second.

Yeah well right now we’re doing a traditional values and also you can look at the cards and cholesterol in the center which we just just justified if you would want yeah.


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