Growing up I was never a sporty kid I was never a flick I actually hated sport and I was kind of chubby so I wasn’t happy with my body ever I had pretty low self-esteem I just wanted to be like one of the skinny kids so I started running after about a year I was like fifty kilos and.

I was pretty much a stick at that point I still wasn’t happy because I just felt like I looked absolutely tiny so I wanted to build muscle but I didn’t know the first thing about training or diet luckily my mate dragging into the gym and I went in there I said to him I hate the.

Gym it’s not for me there it’s an intimidating place but we had like the best time it was one of the most like fun experiences of the day and I was addicted since day one the last.

Seven years I’ve been in the gym nearly every single day when I was about 17 I decided to do my first bodybuilding competition did it I.
A teenager in a novice division.

Which was great but it was like one of the hardest experiences that I’ve ever had I actually enjoyed training I enjoyed the diet prepping my meals being very meticulous with everything day to day I think that’s just my personality is very obsessive I guess like if I would do something I want to go all out and just be stubborn and just.

Go 100% I decided to focus more on the social media side of things because I used to see these guys on Instagram popping up we had hundreds of thousands of followers and I wanted to I wanted that reach because I thought that impact they could have is is pretty insane I just remember seeing these shredded guys with.

Wearing gym sock and I just thought that is sick these guys have made it there were the gym shark athletes at the time and that was probably the biggest brand in the industry I still feel it is and so as you’d imagine I was pretty shocked when Jim shark offered me a sponsorship they offered me an affiliate sponsorship to just try to get in touch with the brand and.
We click and then they turned into an athlete’s sponsorship that for me.

Has been one of the biggest things that’s happened to be able to represent the biggest brand the industry especially considering that.
That I ever had bought and that seemed like if that.

Was the end goal also very fortunate to be partnered with the HP labs I’ve been with them for about two years they are one of the leading.

Like supplement brands in the industry today.

But more importantly their whole family vibe is is awesome so they take you to expose we travel with them and the team has been there for years so I’m very happy with how it’s panned out I’m.

Pretty stoked to be able to represent two of the biggest companies in the industry if I told my 14 year-old self what I’d be doing now who would be with two people I can work with I think I would have just cried I freaked out or something because it just would seem like not in this world but I guess it’s crazy how quick things happen and they just snowball on and all of a sudden you’d you know working with some the biggest brands.
Biggest names and so the plan.

For this year is I want to do a lot of traveling I want to really focus on youtubers put as much content out there as possible and just do the things that I wouldn’t have thought possible two years ago you.


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