Hi guys welcome back to my channel today I will be doing something a little different this week I’ll be planning out my fitness each day so basically it’ll be like a fitness blog so each day I will update you on how each day went and then at the end of the week I’ll talk about how I went what.

I could do differently so now today is.

Monday and it’s Monday afternoon so the day isn’t fully army yet.

But I don’t really have any other time to do this so let’s do it each day I won’t be speaking through what I’m.
Doing it’ll be just basically what you me do what.

I’m about to do so if you’re interested keep on watching you okay guys that’s it so my wake was busy you can see towards the end of the week as usual my busiest and so there’s less time for food which is a problem should always make time for food so I’ve started off the week pretty healthy actually and I kind of just went downhill from there but.

I did try and have as much greens as possible weekend’s on my hardest because I don’t work weekend so it’s my days off and I kind of just that’s my splurge unfortunately but Sunday my goodness that was the hottest of the day I believe it was a 38 degrees Celsius that day so you know that’s just so.

Hot you just don’t feel like eating so we sucked down some icicles and it was a great day actually I did my 30-day challenge this week I.
Started it so it was hard you can.

See the sad face towards the end of the week I did not want to keep doing it but I did do I feel better too early to tell but you know I’m getting there and what I really really struggle with drinking water so it was just.
One day that I don’t even think I drank water I’m not.

Even sure it was just that busy but usually the days where I didn’t have snacks I was a pretty busy that day and I didn’t really need to snack I found on those days because eggs usually fill me.

So I’d only need to snack and so today we leftover pizza cuz I’m obviously not gonna eat an entire box to myself so we ate the rest of the pizza and that’s pretty much it thank you for watching I hope you enjoy if you did please give it a thumbs.

Up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos you.


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