Hi my name is Cory Schleifer and this is my nutrition reflection the USTA recommendations are that men 19 to 30 years old must have 3 cups of vegetables 2 cups of fruit 8 ounces of equivalence of grains six point five ounces equivalents of protein and three cups of dairy some main things is switch to fat-free or low-fat or.

1% milk make half your plate fruits and vegetables make at least half your grains whole grains and choose fish and lean or low-fat meat and poultry the next thing is that any vegetable or 100% vegetable juice counts as a member of the vegetable group vegetables may.

Be raw or cooked fresh frozen canned or dried / dehydrated and may be whole cut-up or mashed vegetables are organized into five sub.
Groups based on their nutrient content dark green.

Vegetables red and orange vegetables beans and peas.

Sorry starchy vegetables and other vegetables and for the fruits any fruits are or.

100% fruit juice counts as part of the fruit group first may be fresh canned frozen or dried may be whole caught up or puree any food made from wheat rice oats komi oula barley or another shield grain is a green product bread pasta oatmeal breakfast cereals tortillas and grits are examples of grain products the grains are divided into two subgroups whole grains and refined grains all.

Fluid milk on the subsidiaries all fluid milk products and many food made from milk are considered part of this food group most dairy group choices should be fat-free.

Or low-fat foods made from milk they retain their calcium content our part.

Of the group foods made from milk they have little to no calcium such as cream cheese cream and butter are not calcium fortified soy milk or soy beverage it’s also part of the dairy group number four all.

Foods made from meat poultry seafood beans and peas egg process soy products nuts and seeds are considered.

Part of the protein foods the group beans and peas are also part of the vegetable group and then select at least 18 ounces of cooked seafood per week meat and poultry choices should be leaner low fat young children need less.

Depending on their age and calories needed the advice to consume seafood does not apply to vegetarians vegetarian options in the protein food group include beans and peas processed soy products and nuts and seeds this is my.

Value for calories so on Saturday my breakfast was a 33% of my overall about 1600 calories my lunch.

Was 24% and almost 1200 my dinner was 18% at 8:17 my snacks were 25% 1215 and then my overall over here for my total calories was almost 5,000 which is very high and my goal was 37 so I.
Was over by about 1300 and then for my Sunday my breakfast was 22% at.

Almost 1200 my lunch was 26 dinner 28% my snacks was 24% my.

Total calories a little higher than my Saturday about 400 calories higher and then my Monday my breakfast was 18% 8:15 it was actually significantly lower than my other two my.

Lunch was 23% about a thousand my dinner 31% at 1300 and then my snacks at 28% all my snacks was just my protein shakes so that was all the same amount of.

Calories 1250 1250 and then 1250 other end and.

Then Monday my last day total calories was about 4,500 values of nutrients so.


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