What’s going on guys it is your boy Ethan back in it again with another video and today I’m leaving talking about my top 3 supplements that I recommend and then I personally take on a daily basis you know for anybody that wants to get started with the fitness journey um this is that these are the supplements that I.

Recommend that you guys should take I’ll keep in mind that supplements.

Should only be used as supplements and everything that you can that you need for your daily intake of macronutrients can be achieved through whole eating.

Whole foods but I know some people don’t like eating as much I myself find it difficult to get in my daily intake through through Whole Foods so.

That’s why supplements come in very very handy with that being said guys let’s get started with the video I first implement that I recommend there gonna be fish oils and now officials contain is they contain omega-3 fatty acids fish oils have been shown to potentially reduce heart disease it.

Also has been shown to lower blood pressure and I personally take it so it can help keep my joints nice and lubricated especially.

Now that I’m strength training you know you’re gonna be putting a lot of stress on your joints and stuff like.

That so you want to keep them nice and fresh whenever you do certain movements and over the.

Years when I was training when I was younger I kind of wore them out already so my elbows are kind of bad and so on my shoulders so fish oils are definitely gonna definitely definitely gonna help savory.

Joints in the long run show you guys they look like it’s just a little gel pill you know just drink.

Pop it in and good for the day cuz we’re all about longevity guys were all about lifting weights through longevity we don’t want.

To injure ourselves in the gym and stuff like that we just want to progress and keep moving without no injuries second one is gonna be protein powder I personally take this because I find it hard to get my protein intake through whole food because that’s just a lot of food to eat and I’m not very I don’t really like to eat.

That much so 2 scoops I try to stay within the two scoop range um I’ll take one in the morning and then I’ll take one or right.

After my workout I just mix it in with the with the like 8 ounces of water and you’ll be.

Good to go there’s two types is whey and casein I personally take away too because it’s fast digesting its times gonna go to my is really quick after a workout and then.

An hour later I might eat my actual food so I managed to read the macros on this note for you guys so.

With one scoop of protein you’re gonna get a hundred and twenty calories you’re gonna get one gram of fat forward grams of carbs and then you’re gonna get 24 grams of protein guys so 24 grams of proteins it’s not bit is not bad at all so let’s say I take 2.

Scoops that’s already 48 grams of protein right there.

And then I got the rest of the day to you know get the protein I need for your Whole Foods so second supplement whey protein now my third one is going to be creatine monohydrate this is just regular creatine that my dad got me for my birthday and now what creatine is gonna do is gonna help your muscles recover faster after your workout and it’s also gonna help build.

More lean muscle mass onto your body and it’s also gonna allow your muscle to hold water so it’s gonna preserve a lot of strength when you’re working out I personally take this because.

I’m strength training right now so I want to develop my strength and so I take this at least 5 grams a day that’s what’s recommended you can stack which is like 20 25 grams the.
Creatine like one day I’m not gonna get into all this so that’s why I.

Take this now another one that I don’t take but I would recommend is multivitamins just because they’re very good very beneficial for keeping your body nice and healthy but other than that.

Guys these are my top 3 supplements right here right here on creatine if you guys have any questions about any other supplements be sure to comment down below in the video and um yeah that’s pretty much it guys I have to get this done really fast because I.

Have to go to work so I’m sorry this video seemed kind of rushed but anyways if you guys liked the video be sure to be able to like on it comment what you guys want to see next or comment if you have any questions I’ll be more than happy to.

Answer you guys’s questions and you sort of scribe to the channel and yeah so peace out.


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