Jessica Petros I’m a Western trained medical doctor board-certified in internal medicine but after my residency I decided to get trained in other healing modalities you may ask why and that’s because as a hospitalist for six years I saw many patients who got a pill for every ill unfortunately they never got to the root cause.

Of their disease especially if it was for a chronic illness I’m not trying to knock medicine if there was an emergency I’d be the first one in the emergency department for other chronic illnesses.

However I noticed that there was really really never an answer for many patients and to get into my own personal story I actually created hormone master because.
Hormonal IUD when they pulled that.

Out I went into early menopause I was having night sweats my hormones were a mess my skin was aging in front of my face and my hair was falling out I decided instead of synthetic medications there had to be another answer and that was the whole purpose and drive behind my creation of hormone master and let me explain why.

I have these three products out I’ve already explained from a master which is five Chinese herbs it really helped me in a time of need where I was actually in.

Menopause that helped my night sweats helped my skin and I was a believer in Eastern herbs and practices so why I bring these three to the table is because I likened hormones to a stove with three legs one is sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone one is thyroid hormones and one is the adrenal axis.

So if you add stress in with any sort.

Of home hormonal abnormalities.

You really can feel like a crazy person no offense I know I did so you don’t have to take these as a trio however.

It can be very beneficial for that access that we talked about with hormones now I want you guys to know that you can heal and although medicine may not have all the answers for you you can be your own best doctor and make the best choices for your health I know personally that’s what I did and I.

Have the same hope from my clients the other products I want to talk about with you guys are my Master Cleanse and this was actually my flagship product microbiome aster and I’m really.

Proud of this product it’s 11 different wild crafted organic herbs that I personally hand selected for problems with dysbiosis of the gut and that means that your gut isn’t functioning properly it often has the.

Wrong bacterial disposition in it sometimes there are negative bacterial colonies that can invade the gut and we want positive bacterial colonies that live in harmony with your system since the gut controls so much of our brain function since more signals to our brain than our brain does to it as well as activating and deactivating hormones controlling moods controlling cravings so there’s so many functions of the gut it’s imperative that our gut be functioning properly.

We will suffer consequences of our health and the studies are now.

Reflecting that information so microbiome astir contains some herbs that are wonderful.

For parasites Candida which is yeast as well as this biotic bacteria that can be potential autoimmune triggers so what i included.


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