Everyone my name is Stephanie I am 26 years old and I live in Taylor Michigan just a little bit about myself I am a newlywed I got married just over seven months ago to my husband Michael I love the outdoors here in Michigan the weather is bipolars so whenever the weather is just survivable I like to go outside.

And hike rollerblade bike whatever I can so just a quick summary I in middle school in high school I actually battled with anorexia through the help of my.

Parents and doctors though man God I’ve gained all that weight back and more that was a battle that I went through but it’s so long ago I always forget about it actually after high school I became a runner I don’t know how I used to hate runny and I just started to do it and I liked the challenge I would run seven days a week and then it turned into an addiction which was a terrible road to go down I’ve ruined my knees and my.

Joints pretty much from drowning so much which I’m still trying to heal from but sophomore year college I broke my foot and I had to sit on the couch for I don’t know how many months and I couldn’t do.
Anything and when you sit you.

Think a lot and God really brought to my attention how much of an addiction running became and so my mind started to transform and.
How can I be healthy and how can I stay in shape without letting.

It control me so I started to eat a little better still not great at that but then I became interested in lifting weights I saw the transformation.

It was having on other people’s bodies I totally always believed that myth that lifting weights would make you bulky and manly that let me tell you that is not true unless you you take it to the extreme maybe it could be true so I started to get into that I’ve been doing weight training hit style.

Workouts for about six years now in no way am i professional or know completely what I’m doing it’s just something I like to.

Do it’s a passion of mine I’ve never got a gym membership though so all of my stuff has been done at home with dumbbells in my barbell and that’s part of the reason why I’m doing this challenge I am losing motivation I am losing motivation my body is starting to plateau and I think what really I need is it when it comes to my nutrition I don’t know how to count macros I don’t know what I’m putting in my body I do have a dairy and gluten.

Allergy so it makes getting supplements and.

Eating certain foods a little challenging so I try my best to work around that yeah so I guess what I’m looking for is just I love the fact that we’re all doing this together we all have different starting points.

I want people to hold me accountable and ask me did you hit your macros.

To hit your macros today did you eat vegetables today did you do your workout like I need someone to do that for me I’m.
Excited to have Laura as my trainer and being her group I love to see the.

People can have not only physically but mentally as well that’s probably more of the transformation I’m looking for is one that’s mental I’m.

Just getting a more overall healthy mindset and view of myself I’m currently 5’4 and 120 pounds I’m not looking for a huge weight on the scale.


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