Alright fellas we about the head out tomorrow and I don’t feel like fooling around so we’re gonna get the predator blood show on it so that’s opening up a cotton nutrition set this to me to test out they’ve reformulate it so let’s see what we can get sweets comes in some sort of aluminum or something super sauce the.
Bag and that stuff that’s it my knees and.

Gloves with this one fellas this stuff is that is almost a dry form of the liquid stuff we’ve been used in the past hunger this cloud which is a.

Product you can buy from them separately actually and I’m gonna have to go get my knife instruction should be here on the bag somewhere yeah mixing chunk cloud to dry mix shake.

Vigorously for at least one minute me the bag until mix is in a moldable consistency like hard clay and then more than ten minute working time allows the product 10 minute working time used to be like four slow-release mold into one large ball allowing six to.

Eight hours of fishing depending on waves and currents for fast release mold into small balls along the product to dissolve faster yeah there’s oats in here and then there’s a special solid form and that chum stuff and then there’s the chum cloud which is this up it’s an emulsified oil obviously shake that bad boy.

Up a nice strong I like that you won’t Burke open on you kingfish Michael sample group will call me a bluefish striped bass sharks bluegill catfish bass anything else in the river that she wente.

Catch I bought this with my own money years ago but then they sent this to me and I didn’t know quite how I wanted to use it but now that I’ve defined my own systems this way just oh that’s what I.

Didn’t want to happen some of us gotten dried up around the top part so we’re gonna just reach in and just dump it in and some of it you shouldn’t have to put your hands.

On it like this but I am I’m used to working in a restaurant and so I did you can need it from.

The inside and the out if you do it this way because some people don’t need it fast enough and ends up and they don’t have that it the old version just didn’t have enough working time on it so van is here you can get some more see how much of that in there and put that in there sure you get the corners like that make sure you get those corners like that.

Make sure everything gets got a little like Oreo cookies not really it just reminds me of those craving Oreos baby-making Chum okay so you don’t have to get all right get some more.

Here the 10-minute working turn so you know please you put in a working time because he used to go off in like a minute or two or something man it feels.

Especially the hot side you’d be like half the bag filling mixed up that’s all the.

Tapes and the oats in there pretty cool out here today all about sixty degrees or so like that there so something like that can you see we may do some of that I may make several small balls I think we’re going to do it the ball method just.

So we have several balls of several sizes of several whatever’s and.

That way we don’t have to put it all in one time and I’ll show you how I do this once we get on the river well seems like a big softball size something like that put that in the bag and it comes with this bag see this bag like an onion mesh bag the.

Last time I did this I just had one big ugly ball this time I’m going several smaller balls I think what we’ll do is we’ll just put the balls.

Back in and they’ll just harden overnight or whatever I think we’ll start out tomorrow with maybe three smaller balls like that and you can put it back in the bag the bag is not available you can reuse it anyway so for tomorrow we’ll put these little three balls down in here you see that that’s a.
4-ounce LED weight that I had.

From from the company that gave me some jugs to test out so we’re gonna put that four ounce LED weight down in there.

That’s gonna help that get all the way down to the bottom of the river right off and catch my blues catfish even striped bass or hanging out at the bottom of the river just trying to get every bit of that stuff up I don’t want to waste a drop of it cuz it at one it ain’t cheap.

And two I want to get the most you can out of it cuz it was given to me and I believe when people give you something you oughta you ought to be thankful in and use it in good faith so this is my hand line okay and I bet if.

We were fishing for those Mekong Catfish say like in Vietnam where they use that rice flour they use rice flour that’s a very similar to this except this rice bran or whatever and they make balls like.

That and they have a gang pile of hooks around it and you can set out to catch these big old Mekong Catfish that are I guess the biggest ones the big five and six hundred pound old ones are two three four six seven I think you go eight nine ten that’s how you’re supposed to do it you go back through and pull top should do it right there and fellas that will just get plumped plunk over the Riverside.

Over the side all the way down the bottom of the river I have to tie this off probably tie it off under the you’ve already got it tied so I guess we’ll have to set.

All this in the house and this will be thrown away don’t need it and it’s basically like an onion.
Sack or whatever that in there for now I’ve.

I didn’t realize I didn’t know how I wanted to use it now I know exactly how I want to use it now that I’ve refined my own fishing systems and we’ll see what that does something like that you you.


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