You’re listening to the health coach nation podcast my name is Hayley Rowe and I’m a business coach for online health coaches who want to attract their ideal clients stop feeling defeated by their never-ending to-do list balance a healthy lifestyle with their growing business and stop overanalyzing what everybody thinks of them so that they can confidently own their message.

And online presence on this podcast we dive deep into health information you can share with your clients business strategy tips and more let’s get to it all right I am here with Brock Armstrong and Brock you have a crazy fitness background you’re a you will do a little bit of everything and not only.

Are you in the fitness world but you’ve just launched a new website called.

Weightless dot me with a board certified nutritionist so tell me about your background I know you’ve been on a.

Lot of podcasts you’re Ben Greenfield sidekick you’ve been on you’ve helped out Dave Asprey.

Bulletproof radio tell us a little more about your background from fitness to your sidekicks and nutrition okay okay trying to keep it short I’m old.

So it’s a it can go on and on you know my my fitness background really began back when I was a kid and for some reason my.

Mom put me in every single sport and every single dance lesson and every single like activity she could possibly put my sister and myself in and so I just grew up being extremely active and just sort of assuming that that’s the way the world was supposed to be that in the winter you played hockey and in the summer you played baseball and soccer and and in between you did jazz dancing.

And you did ballet and Ukranian dancing and all of this kind of stuff so I just really.

I was born into being being an active kid and that really carried through in my.

Entire life I never stopped being active and in fact any time I have been forced.

To be an active it’s driven me completely crazy now I am a child of the 70s so my nutrition.

Side of things has being all over the place we were raised on hotdogs and those little packages of chicken noodle soup oh man that was like every single lunch hour when.

I was in elementary school was a hot dog in a chicken noodle soup package so so really like the nutrition side of things I only really got into later in life and that was due to a bit of a health scare and we may get into that a little bit later I had an infection in my.

Heart but not to make a long story too much longer but then I went to I was a professional ballet dancer for a number of years and when I when I left the ballet world I joined a band and as you can probably guess you I know you’re a musician so you know how unhealthy that lifestyle can be living in.

A van driving across the country I still kept myself sane by I gave up drinking for five years I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol every single fast food restaurant we’d stop at.

I was the guy who was ordering the salad or getting like the the chicken breast sandwich instead.

Of the burger and and things like that and I really did my best to always stay on top of of my well and some of it was just vanity.

I have to have to admit like just wanting to look good not necessarily being the.


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