Hey everybody it’s Chris Gibson and I’m really excited I’ve been traveling the western side of the country I’m in Arizona right now in Scottsdale actually with jeweled sander and she is a lifestyle coach health and fitness you name it you’ve got it going on so today going on so today I’m going to ask you some interesting questions I.
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To hit the little bell so that you are subscribing at notifications of when these videos are live and all the information including how to get ahold of Jules after we depute you’re gonna want to get ahold of Jules how you done with this the link will be in the video description box that said let’s get started I have a big question for you.

Yeah I got what all right so you do a lot.

Of fitness and get people started in Fitness I was kind of going.

Through your website and crawling through there and all the great things that you do for people one of the things though right now is the bad diets are back keto Atkins is back was been around awhile keto intermittent fasting and I’ve done some short videos on this but I wanted it ask someone in the area of expertise what do you think about the fad diets and what can people you know what can people trust uh everybody take.

A deep breath everybody is looking for somebody to tell them what the magic secret is and that’s what all these diets are claiming is I’ve got the madrix magic secret if you do this you know be skinny if you do this you will be muscular if you do this it doesn’t exist and there’s not one diet for any particular person because we’re all different.

Our bodies work completely differently and so I really hate a fad diet because again with the key word in their diet and when we hear that word we think okay we’re gonna go on this for this amount.

Off of it and that’s not what it’s about it’s about consistency and it’s about learning how to make good choices on the consistent.

Basis how to live in the real world how to go to restaurants how to do all of these things and maintain your weight and that healthy lifestyle right so yeah I agree I agree with what you’re saying because that’s kind of the take that I had I’ve been up and down in weight it usually has to do with what I’m doing at the.

Moment when I have a lot of time on my hands I can concentrate on workouts I can.

Really watch my diet but like I’ve been traveling the last week and I can tell you I’m not watching my tired it’s hard to go anywhere and not for take them where the local food.

Is right give you some helpful hints on that so but but back.

I try to tell people is it’s a lifestyle change that you don’t it’s not something you do to hop on scales.

A month later and see results and then go back to your whole way right so you find what works for you and it’s a little bit different for everybody some people.

Its metabolism some people it’s eating habits and keyboards you know I have people that lose weight by.

Changing their diet and not even really adding a lot of exercise they’re active people are ready well.


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