Hi everyone Adria so Levi here holistic nutritionist and health coach and I want to welcome you to my kitchen today I’m gonna be demonstrating how to make a healthy and delicious cookie that you and your family can enjoy now all of the ingredients that I’m going to be putting into this recipe are all healthy and we’re even gonna.

Be sneaking some vegetables in but don’t tell your kids so this is what I like to call my mom hack moment so in these cookies you’re going to put some zucchini I’ve got half a cup of pumpkin puree I like to buy the organic pumpkin puree but you can also.

Use fresh pumpkin as well it is Halloween season right now so it’s a good thing you can make with those leftover pumpkins that you’re gonna be having soon and in place.

Of butter I’m gonna be using butter or eggs I’m gonna be using applesauce so just.

Plain unsweetened organic applesauce and for the to sweeten it up a bit I’m gonna use.

Pure organic maple syrup and we’re gonna add a little bit of protein to these cookies by using my.

Now Hank are a plant-based protein this is excellent it contains omega-3 and six healthy fats which are essential for our brain and our heart and our overall well-being so if you can sneak some ham parts into your baked goods or any of your recipes I highly recommend that you do that Hemme parts are something I always put into cookies and muffins and I even like to add it to my pump pancake mix so I’m gonna use that and in place of white traditional flour which is not good for our blood glucose levels I am.

Making a swap for organic oat flour so this gluten free oat flour is high in fiber and it’s excellent for stabilizing blood glucose levels and as I mentioned it does have the fiber in it it also contains some protein so old.

Is something that I recommend in case of white flour I get that asked to me often what people can swap their.

Traditional baking flour with you want to get oat flour you can also make oat flour yourself by just taking some gluten-free rolled oats.

And putting them in a Vitamix or high-powered blender and grinding them down until they become flour.

And then in place of butter I’m going to be using coconut oil now you can use solid coconut oil and melt it but I’m fortunate enough to have found this pre already liquefied coconut oil it’s excellent for baking so I’m going to be using that and some vanilla.
Extract as well to give it a little bit of flavor and to.

Make it very seasonal because we’re in fall right now we’re gonna I’m going to use some spices like nutmeg and cinnamon to give it that you know that.

Fall festive taste so I’m gonna put all these ingredients together and I’m gonna show you how to create these delicious cookies start off by pre setting your oven to 350 degrees all right so now you’re ready to get started on making.

These cookies so let’s start with the wet ingredients first so what you’re going to do is shred half a zucchini so about 1/2 a cup and you want to make sure that you.

Squeeze out any excess liquid because that will make the cookies very runny and we don’t want that next you’re going.

To add 1/2 a cup of pumpkin puree and as I mentioned this can be fresh pumpkin or it can be canned organic be sure that your can is bpa-free now these are excellent cookies for as.

After-school snacks or as I mentioned as a little mid-afternoon snack or you can even have it for breakfast because it is that healthy now we’re gonna take some applesauce and we’re gonna put about 1/4 cup of apple sauce into this pour a little bit in there so that’s about a quarter cup of organic applesauce unsweetened alright then next you’re going to want to use coconut oil okay liquid coconut oil and I’m going to use two.

Tablespoons of liquid coconut oil it’s so handy when they make the liquid coconut oil because it makes life just that much easier you know what I’m gonna add one more so make that three tablespoons make them nice and moist okay excellent now to the wet ingredients I want you to also add some vanilla extract so we’re.

Gonna do about 1 TSP it already smells delicious alright so one teaspoon of vanilla extract and now we’re gonna add the maple syrup so with the maple syrup we’re also gonna do a quarter cup or less just less probably so yes I didn’t quite.

Fill the quarter cup so just a little less than quarter cup that should sweeten it up nicely and don’t forget.
Have a little bit of sweetness as well okay so I’m just gonna give that.

A little stir I’m gonna mix it all together excellent so that’s nicely stirred together and it’s okay that the zucchini has some shredded pieces in it just adds a bit of texture so I’m just.
Gonna put that aside and now we’re gonna do.

The dry ingredients so I’m gonna put the dry into my KitchenAid mixer bowl okay and let me just move this out of your way let’s start with the flour so we’ve got the oat flour we’re gonna do 1 cup of oat flour and remember if you don’t.

Have access to old flour most health food stores do sell up flour you can make your own so you can just buy rolled oats and grind them down into flour so there’s one full cup of the oat flour and then I’m just gonna add a little bit more so we’re gonna do another half a cup so one and a half cup of.

Oat flour okay so you just want to measure that down the one and a half cup and now we’re going to add a quarter cup of the hemp parts in there I’m just going to pour it like this I love hemp I love adding it it doesn’t have any flavor and it’s a perfect way to add protein to your meals or dishes so that’s a parter cup of hemp in there and now we’re just.

Gonna put a little bit of cinnamon so we’ll start with the spices now to make it have a little bit of that nice flavor so we’re gonna do one teaspoon or excuse me we’ll do half a teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon going in and then next we’re gonna do the Nutmeg as well half a teaspoon I love not like I love the way it smells as soon as I smell nutmeg I instantly feel like it’s full which it is and it just brings that joyous feeling so there’s half.

A teaspoon of ground nutmeg and now we’re just gonna do about a pinch of salt I’m not going to measure it I’ll just do by eye real quick just give it a couple turns and I believe I’ve got everything I need in there so we did the oat flour 1 and 1/2 cup quarter cup ahem we’ve got half a teaspoon of the cinnamon and a half a teaspoon of the.

Nutmeg and so now I’m just gonna give it a stir I almost forgot we also have to put some baking powder so we’re gonna do 1 teaspoon of the baking powder so that these cookies become nice and fluffy we did 1 teaspoon in their baking powder and I’m.

Gonna give it another little stir here so at the very end you can add chocolate chips if you wish so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take the wet ingredients and pour it into the dry so a good substitute for eggs if you are vegan or have a egg sensitivity is applesauce and that’s what I’ve used in this recipe applesauce is excellent option for in place of egg you can also do a flat.

Which a lot of people use and to create a flax.

Egg you just take two tablespoons of.

Ground flaxseed depending on the recipe with some warm water and let it let it get mushed up together so that it forms a nice gel consistency you can also do that with up and it forms this like binder for your recipes okay so now I’m just gonna allow the mixer.

To do its thing and continue to mix it so it becomes like a dough and then I’m gonna add some chocolate chips.

In this cuz I know my kids will really like that okay so this should be good now I’m just gonna take my spatula here and wipe down the blade so you also want to.

Be sure in the beginning of this recipe you know when you turn your oven on to also line a baking sheet with some parchment paper for the cookies just so that stuff is already done for you okay so now I’m just gonna take this out there’s still a little bit of flour remaining so I’m just gonna mix it by hand so that everything comes together nicely here and then this is a stage where you can add you know.

Pumpkin seeds raisins craisins like little cranberries chocolate chips and I’m gonna do chocolate chips cuz I know the family will like that so the chocolate chips I like to.

Use is enjoy life it’s pretty much got all the allergies and sensitivity free from so you’re free from wheat peanuts tree nuts milk.

Casein soy eggs sesame sulfites shellfish really from everything so if you have somebody in your home with sensitivities allergies you know dairy restrictions that kind of.

Thing or if you’re vegan the enjoylife chocolate chips would be one that you would want to looking to okay so I’m just gonna do about a tablespoon lets them fall in there you can even do.

This by hand I’ll do two tablespoons they are mini the little chocolate chips which are nice I did two tablespoons sometimes when I bake I know you shouldn’t do this but I I kind of do it but with my eye you know.

However looks about right especially with the chocolate chips you can never have too little or too many right okay so our cookies are now done they smell absolutely amazing and most importantly they taste amazing.

I just took a little bite of one super moist super tender just as I had expected it to be and what’s most important to me especially being a mother is that these are healthy so I feel good about giving it to my children as a little treat after school and it is absolutely school safe because there is no nuts in here and if somebody has allergies there’s no eggs there’s no gluten.

Just a perfect allover healthy delicious snack that’s vegan friendly and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do now if you are interested in seeing more videos like this please subscribe to my channel I’ll be posting many recipe videos as well.

As other health wellness fitness and nutrition topics so I hope you guys stick around to see all that I thank you so much for stopping by have yourself a wonderful afternoon.


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