Hi everyone Julie Haskett with keel to change today we’re going to go behind the mindset of dieting why is it so difficult are you looking in the mirror and calling I’m fat what’s wrong with this body why are you doing this are you giving your body a hard time make friends with it tell it you love your body.

Body doesn’t know the difference your mind everything you say to it tells the body you want to be fat when you tell the body I’m so fat it says body she wants to be fat but he wants to be fat when you tell you might I’m skinny I love my body I.

Am perfect the mind is going a body they want to be perfect let’s get on it so try this because it’s the mindset that causes you not to look the way you want tell your body visualize what you want to look like and focus on it every day I am perfect I am.

Beautiful I am handsome whatever it might be think of it focus this body in front of you and that’s you and you are beautiful everyone looks at you think of it that way the body and the mind doesn’t know the difference try it and tell me how it works just like anything else the same thing with the body being in pain being sick.

Tell it what you want it to be and you can be anything you want follow me please if you’re not already following me please share this like it if you make a comment like it give me some feedback please and tell me what.


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