Oh hey how’s it going Oh dope don’t put your fries down Academy I see you finished your diet and now you’re ready to enjoy yourself by burying your face a bucket full of fries dance state the nearly two billion years ago expansion started weight began to cool the autotrophs began to drool Neanderthals developed tools Sciences starting with the.

That we have your attention we can continue the lesson I don’t actually think you’re a fat but a lot of people screw up their diet.

At the end of their diet one of the main things we’ve talked about is not only losing weight but keeping it off and keep in mind that if you don’t maintain the same types of behaviors that allowed you to lose the weight you will not maintain that weight loss now I understand that you may not want to be on a diet or in caloric restriction for the rest of your life completely understandable nobody wants to do that you’re.

Doomed to fail so with that said let’s get into it so one of the biggest problems with people.

Who go on diets and then end up regaining weight is they don’t think about the.

Diet after the diet they just think about okay diets over now I’m done well if you go back to eating the same way with the same type of behaviors that you.

Did before you started dieting guess what’s gonna happen to your weight it’s gonna go right back up and based on what we’ve talked about metabolic adaptation and the self defense.

System you’ll actually gain more weight than you started with we want to stop that from happening what is.
The biggest thing well the first thing.

Is we want to make sure that we maintain our weight loss as much as possible but also recover our metabolic rate as much as possible how do we do that well the first thing is to have a plan I know.

So many people who diet and then they get to the end they’re just kind of like okay and they just wing it have a plan know what you’re going to start with I.
Single one of my bodybuilding shows that I ever did except.

Only difference was I had a plan I relaxed my restrictive diet so I didn’t want to track macros as rigidly as I had been doing but the night after the show I said you know I want to have something nice.
So I told myself I’m going to eat until I feel physically full and then I.

Will stop now that may sound like an intuitive thing for a lot of people but when you’ve been dieting for a long period of time or lost a significant amount of weight your hunger signals don’t always match up from your gut to your brain so many of you have probably had the experience where.

You felt physically full but still felt compelled to eat and still felt hungry that was certainly the.

Case for me but when I felt physically full I stopped eating this initial transition phase which is right after the diet ends to the firt even the first few days or weeks after you’ve finished your diet and are transitioning into maintenance or reverse dieting is very crucial because remember you have created this perfect hormonal millou to not only regain fat but create new fat cells if you’re not careful so.

We want to avoid that as much as humanly possible it’s okay to regain some weight that’s okay what we want.


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