Even in all how are we and how hot would boy I’m absolutely roasting and I’m sure you’re all the same keep saying to myself don’t complain when they don’t complain because it won’t be here forever and I’m sure we should soon as the school’s break up you know the weather so dangerous and it’s such a shame right okay.
So I just want to say before I do my my blog next.

Week’s class is due to the temperatures still going to be plus or whatever I’m going to be condensing.

My Monday and Wednesday nights again I have to think health and safety and I know with the football and.

Tennis and you know the beer calling in the garden I know my numbers are going to be quieter anyway due to the heatwave so it’d be half an hour of aerobics and half an.

Hour of hit you can do both or you can just drop him and do one obviously it’s very demanding on my own health so.
And I want to keep fit and healthy so childhood obesity so a few.

Facts I say it’s all on your email I’m just going to skim guys but it’s all on your email 22% of children are overweight or obese when they start school at the age of four and this increases to thirty four percent of children during primary school one in fifteen children age ten or eleven are severely obese and it costs the UK economy twenty seven billion a year five billion on our NHS treating issues like type 2 diabetes and cancers and this is total madness and I’ve.

Never won to shame or make people feel guilty you already do that enough to yourselves I am here to say though what can.

We do about this as a society we are a generation that will bury our children and this is after watching them struggle with their health due to weight related issues for every extra stone your child carries in weight is the force of a four stone running.

Through their knees is it any wonder they struggle with sports and.

So strongly that we are sleepwalking our way into a health crisis all children are all shapes and sizes and I have many who come to class who are fit but carry a bit of extra weight but at least our active we know the reality of being over big.

Overweight and obese and we have.

Become so precious on this subject I am trained life.

Coach now and during my studies the wonderful word accountability.

Kept coming up hello GL so the first I work with two main types of people and there are two main types of people out there so have a little bit of reflection after you’ve heard this and either hate me or love me so the first people who I trained who I know put their hand up to admitting that they have an issue with food this is bloody.

Addictive stuff you know the mix of fat salt and sugar affects the brain releasing hormones that have is craving more these I can support and help move forward yes they have setbacks and of course they will they’ve had years of learned behavior which sadly gets passed down to our children is it any wonder they’ve fall into old ways if you’ve been doing something.

For 30-40 years you know you’re not going to just suddenly do a cleaning course and live happily ever after oh I wish you know if it was only that easy but you know life ain’t.


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