And welcome to episode 109 of the random thoughts podcast with a special guest dr.

Dominic Kongo I don’t hi good how are you that’s so exciting to have you as part of core advantage and on the podcast to chat about it so for those of you that don’t know Dom is now our resident nutritionist see ya once a.

Fortnight on Monday nights and a superstar super.

Sun nutritionist I reckon I chased getting you to work here but six months I think so I think it was infected yeah so and the early feedback I don’t know how much of you’ve been getting from the athletes but we’ve been getting a lot.

From the parents athletes and that is they just love it it’s a missing piece of the puzzle it’s ready yeah yeah it’s been really positive really qualitative feedback and really good fun so I thought a good starting point might be to go back and for you.

To take us through how you ended up here so at the moment you are you have a PhD in nutrition you the nutritionist for John yep and.

Nutrition from boomers and your lecturer at Deakin University yes is that all of your things that’s pretty much shoulder woody yes that’s pretty much all of them I’m vice president of sport started industrial areas are you.

Yes yeah VP but I think that’s their repertoire yeah so did you always want liquid when you were in high school we like I want to be a nutritionist I had.

A real star yeah I did he was actually a funny story I always wanted to be a yeah my whole high school life you could say hab so I was really gearing towards being a lawyer and working towards that and I got into year twelve to the final year and we were doing our subjects and I got called into one of the principal’s office and they said that there’s.

Been a bit of mix up with the subject the one that I was going to do and I can’t remember what it was.

It might have been something a little bit random like tourism or something like.

That I no longer could do with my stream of my subjects so the only subject that would fit with everything else I was doing was.

Nutrition right and I thought well I’ve never done nutrition before so I said well do I need to know anything any prior knowledge and because I’d come from a biology in science yeah yeah they said nope you’ll be fine and I just fell.

In love with it so from the first day yeah I really liked a lot in love with it you know it was a career at that point yes yeah I remember coming home and saying to my parents well I no.

Longer want to do law didn’t go down that well Italian background yeah I think so definitely are they they are pretty supportive so was that they.

Said well if that’s really gonna make you happy batch have you thought about the career possibilities and whatnot and I just thought I.

Just loved it so much so and so went for it and yeah and at that stage getting into into nutrition straightaway nutrition Dietetics from school.

Was quite difficult and it was up and around the.

They only took about 30 students yeah there’s a very high demand and not many universities offered it so it’s definitely you’re from originally yes and this is yeah so I’m actually just missed out.


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